Advanced Stone Sculpting – Pointing Techniques

Copying Techniques

The choice of a reproduction technique depends on the complexity of a model, and the sculptor's creative freedom. Precise methods have been known since the 19th century. These include dotting techniques:

  • The so-called machine puncturing (1:1) is mainly used in the preservation of historical monuments.
  • Circle puncturing (1:X) for enlarging or mirroring models in stone.

In both techniques, the net of drawn-in main and secondary points is transferred from the model exactly to the stone. On the basis of these points it is possible to work out a precise copy.

On this course you will learn how to mark the basic points on the model and on the stone, and how to transfer the points-net from the provided model onto the stone.

There are 4 workstations available for machine dotting and 4 workstations for circular dotting.  Please note the selection of models in the attached PDF.

Type of stone: limestone, cost 330 CHF per block.

Additional costs for tools, the loan of models and preparation work: CHF 120.00 per person.


18. - 30. 08. 2019

Pointing Techniques

Hansulrich Beer
1,600.00 CHF 
machine pointing