Stone Sculpting

Stone sculpting taster week

Is stone really that hard? Is stone carving difficult? Can I chisel a sculpture in stone even if I am not as strong as an ox? If you would like to give it a try, you will find the perfect opportunity here.

Sculpting course "warm - up"

Sculpting for beginners

Stone sculpting has since ancient times been a delightful activity and can be practised by anyone. Many people have an affinity with this kind of art. From matter, a piece of stone or marble, we can – with patience and imagination - create a new form with the simplest of tools.
These courses for beginners are also suitable for advanced students who wish to put their creative ideas into practice, with our professional and individual support.

Sculpting course for beginners

Advanced Stone Sculpting – Pointing Techniques

Copying Techniques

The choice of a reproduction technique depends on the complexity of a model, and the sculptor's creative freedom. Precise methods have been known since the 19th century. These include dotting techniques:

  • The so-called machine puncturing (1:1) is mainly used in the preservation of historical monuments.
  • Circle puncturing (1:X) for enlarging or mirroring models in stone.

In both techniques, the net of drawn-in main and secondary points is transferred from the model exactly to the stone. On the basis of these points it is possible to work out a precise copy.

machine pointing

Basic skills

In order to work effectively with stone it is necessary to have a knowledge of its properties, and to know how to use the available tools and machines correctly. In the basic course you will create a cubic form from a rough stone. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the basic working processes, and you will have opportunities of practising the relevant techniques.

Basic skills

Sculpting for advanced students I with topic "male - female"

In each advanced sculpting course the focus is on the examination of a particular artistic theme. This course is about "male - female". It is hoped that, as time goes on, you will develop a style of your own. The study of a given theme opens up new dimensions for us and helps us to find new starting-points.

Theme: "Male - Female "
Male, female - apart from the figurative representation of man and woman, we could ask ourselves if, in stone sculpture, there is such a thing as a male sculpture, a female sculpture? Are there formal languages that are perceived as distinctly feminine or distinctly masculine?

Sculpting for advanced students II